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LEARN. GROW. FLY. Ambrosia Professionals (Ambrosia Finland Oy Ltd, est. 2012) is building a unique global growth entrepreneurship ecosystem and business family.

We are operating in four synergic business areas: events, coaching, expertise and web & mobile platform development. We bring together the right people and the right resources in genuine Ambrosia style in our BEACHBOOST®, SLOPEBOOST® and CITYBOOST® events as well as in our Ambrosia Business Class® coaching programs and Ambrosia Dream Team® professional services.

We make money for and with our customers and partners. We generate growth, happiness and sustainability by creating game changing service products for the high vision entrepreneurship. We love entrepreneurship and life in its different forms and mix things together unique Ambrosia style.

We believe that every winning business should be well organized and structured but at the same time curious and rebellious to be able to learn and create new - our "wild synergy & wild symmetry" approach.

We are in favor of free-markets-no-politics and welcome you to join our crusade in Europe via E-liike.

We trust and we are trustworthy. 

What's Up 

27.10.2014 - Ambrosia Professionals is proud to announce that it is "100% Tekes free". Tekes, Ely etc. are government organizations allocating subsidies to companies in Finland based not on "the invisible hand of capitalism" but power play and politics. These organizations give hundreds of millions of taxpayers money stating that they boost the Finnish economy but the truth is totally opposite. System is inefficient, unequal and zero transparent. The system only enforces the status quo and keeps real private money out of Finnish markets.

The founder of Ambrosia Professionals Petri Hirvimäki has been active on this issue. Petri founded E-liike in June 2014 to change the system as a market driven and also to affect some other issues in Finnish society via E-liike.

As Petri says: "What comes to Ambrosia we could aim to get access inside the inner core of the system and earn decent money if doing so. Afterwards it would be easy money as well... still it would be participating the #murutalous #crumbseconomy that the system requires and not innovating anything. At Ambrosia Professionals our vision is much bigger and besides I have to be able to look at the mirror myself. Ambrosia wants to be a powerful example and also what kind of Finland do you want to leave for your children? I want it to be much better in this sense, much better!"

The true change happens immediately when there starts to be enough fellow entrepreneurs who are fed up with the system and also say it in public - E-liike is a fantastic opportunity for this to do it together!

"Of course some personal risk taking might be needed but what about being the very first and therefore the most important messengers of change together, heroes actually? Besides speaking of the unspoken energizises you!" says Petri.

"There is no question that will open a whole new world for those private investors who will join us and work 24/7 for them... besides then the business really starts after renewing the platform first and letting the capitalism work with companies like Ambrosia Professionals in the forefront in the future. Times are changing. Welcome to Ambrosia Professionals and E-liike!"

Please contact our CEO and founder Petri Hirvimäki in further detail.

Summer is HOT in Jyväskylä, Central Finland once BEACHBOOST® Finland 2014 growth entrepreneurship event takes place 8.-10.7.2014.

Ambrosia's CEO Petri Hirvimäki in news (in Finnish related to the founding of E-liike) in Keskisuomalainen 15.06.2014

Ambrosia's CEO Petri Hirvimäki in news (in Finnish related to SLOPEBOOST® Finland) in Keskisuomalainen 23.03.2014

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